Lower Your Carbon Footprint

From the Marion County website: Environmental Services….Waste Reduction and Recycling 




At schools across Oregon, students, teachers and staff are making a difference in their communities with programs to recycle, reduce waste, save energy and conserve water.

Oregon Green Schools is helping with:

  • Hands-on assistance
  • Curriculum and funding resources
  • Recognition and events

Oregon Green Schools is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1997. We have over 25 regional coordinators throughout the state and nearly 300 participating schools.

Our regional coordinators help schools conduct waste audits, provide guidance and training for new programs and recommend curriculum resources and grant opportunities.


HOPE team from Forest Ridge Elementary

January 29, 2015.mp3

Join us for a very special Waste Matters with Laurie Aguirre the Second Grade Teacher and Environmental Coordinator at Forest Ridge Elementary along with six students from their HOPE team. The students will school us about the 3Rs, water conservation, and worm composting.



Waste Less Food: Keep your food and money out of the trash


Gives tips on getting started: how to make meal plans and buy only what you can eat in a few days.


Earthwise Bulletin (Marion County) discussion on green and clean—cleaning products



Drive a Better Bike! Look what’s heading to Oregon

Organic Transit, a start‐up out of Durham, NC, is looking to set up a manufacturing site in Portland. Their signature product, the ELF, is a hybrid electric bicycle that can run on pedal power or by a small 750 watt battery‐powered motor which can hit speeds of up to 20mph. The battery can be re‐ charged via a solar panel that is embedded into the rooftop, or by plugging it into a wall charger. You can get an estimated 14 miles of power between charges. Base price? $5495. http://www.organictransit.co


You May Purchase Renewable Energy Through Your Power Company

Pacific Power offers Blue Sky (http://www.pacificpower.net/ env/bsre.html) and Portland General Electric offers Green Source (www.greenpoweroregon.com).

Does this mean that renewable power is delivered directly to your outlet, once you sign up? No. Most electricity is acquired by contracts on a regional basis; even though the green energy exists, there is no guarantee about exactly what energy you physically receive.

Instead, the utilities purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) to match customer demand. RECs are environmental commodities. One REC equals all attributes of a megawatt‐hour of electricity from a specific renewable energy project, time stamped by a month and year (for example, September 2012). In addition, Northwest Natural offers to purchase carbon offsets for its natural gas customers, called the Smart Energy program (www.nwnatural.com/smartenergy). By paying for these commodities, utilities are supporting renewable energy projects and helping create a strong marketplace for new renewable energy projects to thrive.

Ask your utility what renewable energy or clean air projects you support with your enrollment. Or look up your utility’s program online: http://apps3.eere.energy.gov/greenpower/buying/buying_power.shtml? state=OR.

Questions? Contact the author at rebecca.oneil@odoe.state.or.us. Rebecca currently serves as the chair of a Public Utilities Commission citizen advisory committee, the Portfolio Options Committee, which helps ensure that the private utilities’ renewable power options deliver value to Oregonians.


Polk County Environmental Health


Polk County What You Can Do site: http://www.co.polk.or.us/sites/default/files/fileattachments/cd/eh/eh_recycling_guide_0.pdf

City of Salem Operations Department of Environmental Services has a newsletter; what can be flushed


How can you conserve water in and outside your living space?


Water Conservation



Sustainable Salem



Willamette University Sustainability Program


At Willamette, we take to heart our motto, “Not unto ourselves alone are we born,” as we seek to envision the future of humankind as a sustainable enterprise – not only the natural world that sustains life, but also the communities and economies that connect us to one another. Considered in this more ecumenical light, our interdependence on each other for survival is brought into sharp relief.

Across all schools and in our co-curricular offerings, we seek to foster meaningful educational experiences that address the defining challenges of the 21st century, including sustainability, which Willamette defines through the “Four E’s”:

  • Education (teaching ecological literacy)
  • Environment (creating a smaller ecologic footprint)
  • Equity (social justice)
  • Economics (sustainability principles for campus operations)

As we move into the future, sustainability continues to serve as a focal point beyond our efforts to ‘live our motto,’ in the service of our city, state, and world, and our mission to prepare graduates to pursue lives of achievement, contribution and meaning. Sustainability is also integral to the university’s strategic objectives as we seek, in a global context, authentic engagement with our immediate surroundings, knowing that the choices we make here and now could have current or future implications for others, both nearby and on the other side of the planet.


Pringle Creek Community: How to live


Pringle Creek Community is a model for the future with balanced, sustainable development focusing on land preservation, energy efficiency, green building, walkability, high density building, agriculture, and community living for multiple generations.

You may sign up for their classes on Urban Farming


Straub Environmental Center


The Straub Environmental Center creates awareness and understanding of our relationship to the environment, working in partnership with our community.  Our environmental education programs teach and motivate people to become active stewards of our environment. The Straub Environmental Center is a unique partnership between the Salem-Keizer School District, City of Salem, and The Straub Environmental Center.

Teacher resources, programs, newsletter, and

Offers the No Child Left Inside Program.



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